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GABA and Tryptophan, Your Lullaby and Night Time Stories

Have you ever think about how much time we spent sleeping? It is actually one-third of our lives! Sleep becomes so crucial since it determines how our body functions the next day, those toss and turn nights could literally ruin a whole day mood the next day! Not only it effects people short term, our sleep quality actually takes a big part in our overall organ health in general.


Years ago, trouble sleeping tends to happen to the older-aged generation, when metabolism and overall health are declining. But with this stressful, competitive environment in nowadays society, insomnia and sleeping problem are no longer uncommon among teenagers and young adults. Reliance on sleeping pills has become more and more common, but actually, a healthy diet and non-addictive supplementations could do you help! Since we are here because of our inability to sleep, why not use this little time to learn about our sleeping problems?


  Types of sleeping problem
1. Difficulty falling asleep. After 30 minutes of toss and turning, counting sheep, our mind just wouldn’t let us rest, our eyes are wide open.

2. Falling asleep is easy peasy, yet staying in it is hell. Some people get woken up even by the sound of the wind or little movement across the room. It is just so hard to stay in a deep sleep mode.

3. Short period of sleep. 8 hours of sleep just seems impossible.


No matter what type of sleeping problem you experienced, those could lead to serious damage in life. Losing focus and moody the next day might seems not too bad when we don’t sleep well for 2-3 days, but if it happens long term, it can affect organ health, impaired memory, even relationship and society problem because of irritability we feel when we didn’t get a good sleep.

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Deeper introduction to the name that night-owls are so familiar with, Tryptophan.

For people with trouble sleeping, we might have heard about tryptophan, suggested a bunch of time to add it to our diet. But why? So, Tryptophan is a human essential amino acid, that is a precursor for very important hormones, serotonin, and melatonin, hormones controlling our sleep patterns, the level would higher up at night, to make us feel sleepy. The brain starts releasing melatonin a few hours before you go to bed, signaling to your body that it’s time to wind down. Nowadays, staying awake with artificial lighting or looking at TV or phone screens can impact your natural melatonin production. Light stimulation can delay melatonin production until later on in the evening, depriving your body of enough time to relax before you go to bed. 

Serotonin, known as the happiness hormones, takes part in emotions, mood, appetite, and memory, as well as sleep. That’s why the supplementation of Tryptophan can be a nonaddictive supplementation to deal with sleeping problems.



Another popular sleeping aid ingredients

1.     Rice germ GABA

Proven effective by a clinical experiment conducted by Faculty of Medicine at Osaka University that GABA aid in soothing emotions, stabilizing mood, and increase calmness.

2.     γ-Oryzanol

Works synergistically with Vitamin B Complex for mind and body relaxation, anti-fatigue.

3.     Sesamin and sesamolin

Proven by a lot of international studies to be very helpful in promoting sleep quality by enhancing metabolism.

4.     Jujube kernels

A well-known oriental sleeping fruit, common in Chinese medicine to enhance sleep quality and mood stabilization.

5.     Calcium and Vitamin B Complex

A common ingredient in supplementation actually plays a big part in sleeping quality since it takes a big role in body organs functioning and energy production.

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   Q&ABHK's Night Relax EX

QHow can BHK’s Night Relax EX help with sleep quality?

A: With 4 main ingredients, Jujube kernels are known as oriental sleeping fruit, patented GABA and Tryptophan that increases sleeping hormone, with added Vitamin B Complex to promote overall metabolism. BHK’s Night Relax is formulated to be your best friend to enhance your health and put you to sleep.


QHow to consume BHK’s Night Relax EX?

A: 1 capsule a day one hour before bed; for maximum supplementation, consume 2 capsules at once. Consumption of more than this dosage won’t be beneficial.


Q: Is there any precaution?
It is not recommended for pregnant women and patients with kidney problems. Patients with certain medical issues, consult with doctor prior consuming.


Q: At what age can we start the supplementation?

A: 12 and above


Q: Is it suitable for vegans?
A: Yes


Q: Will it cause dependency if I start consuming this product?
A: No, BHK’s Night Relax wouldn’t create dependency and addiction. Unlike sleeping pills, BHK’s Night Relax EX doesn’t contain any western medicine.


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