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BHK's Bust Firming Serum (100ml/piece) 【Breast Massage】

SGD $44.42 ~ 88.83

SGD $27.55 ~ 50.04

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【About BHK's Bust Firming Serum】

A second chance for breast growth! Regain your confidence with feminine curves.

Bevel designed massage roller to help breast fully absorb the cream without using hand.


5 Exclusive formulas to promote breast growth:

1. Patented High Active Peptide

Active peptide from natural amino acid to bring fuller breast shape.

2. Pueraria Lobata

Rich in plant phytoestrogen & pytosterol to promote breast growth.

3. Collagen & Kigelia Africana Extract

Improve breast firmness & elasticity for soft bouncy touch.

4. Gingko & Papaya Enzyme

Increase the metabolism of skin to rejuvenate breast skin from aging.

5. Rose Hydrosol & Morocco Oil

Pure & natural essence to soothe dullness & moisturize skin deeply

6. Plant Extract Ylang Ylang Essence

Aromatic scent to calm mood & relieve stress.


Recommended people has concern on:

- Unsatisfied breast shape

-Want a better breast growth 

-Aging causes sagging breast

-Breast care after labor


Unique design & comfort scent to upgrade your enjoyment with massage for a better feminine silhouette.

Help in breast firming, breast sagging prevention & promote bigger breast. Recommend to use as massage cream for better breast shape.

BHK's Bust Firming Serum to imrove breast shape for unsatisfied small breast size, sagging breast after breast feeding & bra bulge
BHK's Bust Firming Serum is rich in natural phytoestrogens, added with patented active peptide. Clinical trial tested effectively increase in the breast size & firm breast elasticity.
Formulated with collagen, nagaimo, papaya enzyme & gingko to promote metabolsim of skin
BHK's Bust Firming Serum can solve breast concern, effectively increase & improve the shape of breast, significant breast size improvement after constant used of it.
Bevel designed massage roller to promote great absoprtion, stimulate the growth of breast by massaging the acupoint.
Clinical trial proven BHK's Bust Firming Serum can significantly lift breast & promote smooth skin after 28 days of use; Fuller & firmer breast after 56 days of use
It can be used during breastfeeding period for better breast shape with safe & medicine added
MONDE SELECTION GOLD AWARD, food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

BHK's Bust Firming Serum (100ml/piece) 【Breast Massage】

SGD $44.42 ~ 88.83

SGD $27.55 ~ 50.04


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