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UNIQMAN Premium EPA Fish Oil Softgels (60 softgels/packet)【Heart Health 】

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UNIQMAN Premium EPA Fish Oil Softgels Introduction
We should start to look after our cardiovascular circulation from our early 30s before any bad sign showing up.

The National Institutes of Medicine recommends that adults consume 1,000 mg of Omega-3 everyday to help regulate physiological functions and maintain a healthy heart and blood flow.

Protect vessel youth and flexibility to have good circulation:
1. Prevent vascular blockage: High EPA fish oil, produced by KD Pharma in Germany, with 21 international patents.
2. Activate cells: Japanese patent Q10 starts energy transport and promote metabolism.
3. Natural Antioxidant: Vitamin E helps reduce the production of free radicals and improves the health of the skin and blood cells.

Suitable for who:
- prefer fried and salty foods
- have poor sleep, emotional anxiety, mental stress and overwork
- with high blood lipids & blood cholesterol
- with arteriosclerosis problems
- want to prevent cardiovascular diseases

Main Ingredients(Per serving):
Fish Oil (as rTG) (EPA70%)
Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)
Vitamin E

Take 2 softgels daily after meal. For better result, take 2 softgels twice a day. Do NOT take more than 4 softgels per day.

High EPA fish oil helps smooth cardiovascular circulation
Eating fish oil is the best maintenance for vessels
85% Omega3 concentration in fish oil
EPA content in fish oil reaches 70%
German KD raw material passed IFOS certification
patented and purified high unit fish oil
Eating fish oil can maintain blood health
Test results are better than normal fish oil
The patented rTG type is best absorbed for human body
The safest source of deep-sea small fish
Patented EPA fish oil UNIQMAN


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