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UNIQMAN Algae Calcium Capsules

SGD $52.49 ~ 104.98

SGD $32.56 ~ 59.14

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About UNIQMAN Algae Calcium

There is high population of people lack of calcium nowadays, but it will worsen after the age of 30! Natural calcium with high bioactivity, gentle & good body absorption is perfect for daily calcium supply.

『The Only CE certified Algae Calcium in the Market』

【High Calcium】 Aquamin™ F U.K Algae Calcium, special cellularity structure has up to 39.4% absorptivity.

【Maintain Health】Simag™ France Marine Extraction, contains more than 55% natural magnesium & various trace elements.

【Strengthen Bone】Vitamin D2, enhance calcium absorption to help the growth of bone & teeth.

Recommended to:

1. Office Worker

2. Often Eat-Out

3. Middle-age People

4. Teenager

UNIQMAN Algae Calcium has better calcium absorptivity than common calcium to maintain healthy bone & teeth
UNIQMAN Algae Calcium is the only natural algae calcium in the market with highest calcium dosage & patented quality
UNIQMAN Algae Calcium uses pure natural calcium, magnesium & 72types of trace elements
Small molecule U.K algae calcium with cellularity structure has high bioactivity & better calcium absorption
Natural France Marine Extracted natural magnesium & vtiamin D to promote body metyabolism, enhance calcium absorption & growth of bone & teeth
Exclusive algae calcium extraction process to preserve complete nutrient
Nutritionist recommend UNIQMAN Algae Calcium which uses international patents & has several food safety certifications with gauranteed quality
Adult lose calcium rapidly with age, eat-out habit, lack of sun exposure & nutrients
Algae Calcium is the best calcium with the highest calcium contents, better absoprtion & vegan friendly
UNIQMAN Algae Calcium is natrual calcium which has less burden to body
UNIQMAN Algae Calcium satisfy daily needs of adult calcium supply

UNIQMAN Algae Calcium Capsules

SGD $52.49 ~ 104.98

SGD $32.56 ~ 59.14


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