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UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon Capsules

SGD $92.36 ~ 184.72

SGD $59.14 ~ 112.29

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About UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon Capsules

How to maintain good metabolism with high GI diet & lack of exercises day-to-day? Besides having regular good habits, you can also keep a balance blood sugar with UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon extract!

《 The Only Dual Patents to Stabilize Blood Sugar In The Market》

【 Control & Stabilize】Bitter Melon after a patented fermentation aging technique is rich in free-form polyphenol which is 5X more than common bitter melon.

【Regulate & Protect】Patented Black Garlic with high content of allicin & enhance 4x-8x bioavailability; Special added natural Chromium & Zinc Yeast to maintain metabolize blood sugar.

Recommend to:

1. Elder Care

2. Sweet Tooth

3. Family Inheritance

4. People lack of exercise

UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon is the only patented bitter melon to soothe blood sugar fluctuation
Bad habits that causes high blood sugar lead to health crisis
Patented biter melon contains 5X free-form polyphenol wih high bioavalability to promote antioxidant & health benefits
Patented bitter melon has 3X better blood sugar suppression than common bitter melon
Patented Black Garlic has high allicin & 4X-8X bioavailability after aging fermentation
The only dual patents in the market to help balance blood sugar, regulate insulin secretion & meabolize blood sugar
UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon is for people who has high blood sugar concern such as elders, people who love sweet food, family inheritance or lack of exercises
Nutritionist recommend to maintain a low oil, low sugar, low sodium & high fibre diet with regular exercises will help to stable glucose fluctuation
UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon is vegan-friendly & safe to eat with patented ingredients
UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon contains dual patents for blood sugar control


UNIQMAN Patented Bitter Melon Capsules

SGD $92.36 ~ 184.72

SGD $59.14 ~ 112.29


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