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BHK's Deep Sea Fish Oil OMEGA-3 Softgels【Heart Health】

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BHK's Deep Sea Fish Oil OMEGA-3 Softgels 【OMEGA-3】

*National certified deep sea fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is very important for your health
*Omega-3: ​The best choice for promoting your brain, heart and joint health
*The patented fish oil has the best ratio of EPA to DHA ( EPA 307.2~460.8mg、DHA 217.6~320mg) and high purity (33~49%)
*Natural TG form, similar molecular structure to humans triglycerides, results in higher absorption

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Fish Oil (EPA+DHA) 33~49%
(EPA 307.2~460.8mg
DHA 217.6~320mg)

Take 2 softgels at once, twice a day after meals.

Taking omega-3 supplements is important for your cellular, heart, and metabolic health.
BHK's fish oil Omege-3 include DHA and EPA that can lower risk of heart disease.
Omege-3 suppports a healthy heart, better brain function, cognitive function and vascular function.
BHK's fish oil TG forms of EPA and DHA were shown to be 48% and 36% better absorbed than EE forms.
BHK's fish oil is accredited Health Foods by Taiwan FDA and can help reduce blood triglyceride levels.
People with hyperlipidemia and other heart related disease should take BHK's fish oil to reduce fasting blood triglyceride levels.
BHK's fish oil is free of contaminants, processed with the highest industry standards, and is TG form with better absoprtion.
BHK's fish oil is extracted from deep sea small fish.
BHK's fish oil is safe, no side effects, and made of natural ingredients.
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured.


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