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BHK's Lungwort Extract Veg Capsules【Lungs & Breathing】

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BHK's Lungwort Extract Veg Capsules 【Lungs & Breathing】

*Filter & clean & fresh, your exclusive lungs protection
*Lungwort herb is a traditional Western method to treat respiratory diseases
*Traditional white lily essence is commonly used to replenish throat 
*Patented glucoraphanin, achieve effective metabolism of airborne pollutants 

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Lungwort Extract  190mg
Broccoli Extract (13% Glucoraphanin) 115mg

Take 1 capsule daily after meal. For better result, take 2 capsules at once. Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day. 

BHK's Lungwort helps support the bronchi and the lungs to promote respiratory health.
Lungs are subject to regularly encounter airborne particles such as pollens, pollutants, microorganisms and dust.
BHKs Lungwort contains Lily Bulb that helps to nourish yin, moistening lung, clear heart heat and calm spirit.
BHK Lungwort uses lungwort, glucoraphanin, lili bulbus and vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. Promotes healthy lung function
BHK's Lungwort contains 13% glucoraphanin and remains active in our body for up to 72 hours.
BHK's Lungwort is for smoker, commuter, housewife and people with respiratory tract problems.
BHK's Lungwort is vegetarian.
BHK's Lungwort is safe, no side effects, and made of natural ingredients.
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured.


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