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UNIQMAN Intimate Cleansing Mousse【Fresh Scent】

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UNIQMAN Intimate Cleansing Mousse (150ml/bottle) 【Initimate Cleanser】

Long foreskin can cause dirt accumulation, sweating can also lead to odor, bacteria, dan discomfort.

"Private Formula Made for Men-Natural Plant Extract &Complex Factor"
Using plant extracts such as calendula, chamomile and mint, with multi-functional cleansing factors, gently cleansing, and experiments have shown that it can effectively inhibit bacteria!

Specially used French counter-grade fragrance, for long-lasting bad odor suppression, maintaining comfort.

Recommended usage:
1. Daily bath maintenance
2. Clean before and after intimacy
3. Clean after exercise

Main Ingredients(Per serving):
Calendula extract, chamomile extract, green tea extract, herbal mint

For external use only. Pump cleansing mousse one to two times to palm of hand, clean the external intimate area and rinse with water.

UNIQMAN King Clam could quickly absorbed by human body
UNIQMAN King Clam is the best supplement for regimen
One capsule equivalent to 20-25 golden clam
UNIQMAN King Clam can improves health and vigour
UNIQMAN King Clam boosts your powerful stamina and energy
UNIQMAN King Clam maintain normal energy metabolism and keep vitality and strength.
UNIQMAN King Clam is rated as perfect protein by the United Nations
UNIQMAN King Clam is rich in amino acids, zinc, calcium, taurine
King of shellfish, has a very high nutritional value


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