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BHK's Tremella Fuciformis & Berry Drink【Vegan Collagen】

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BHK's Tremella fuciformis & Berry Drink

* 100% natural tremella fuciformis, carefully selected Taiwan high quality, highly active extraction, also known as vegetarian bird's nest.
* Japanese patented fermented Rice Bran & Soybean, revitalizes anti-age factor and helps to regain youthful skin
* Patented wild cherry enzyme, European luxury beauty product, preserves its nutrients by undergoing patented sugar-free fermentation technology
* Preserve its natural flavor, taste good and regain your beauty without worrying about calories

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Tremella Fuciformis Extracts 1500mg

Drink 1 pack a day. Drink directly or mixed into water.

BHK's Tremella Fuciformis & Berry Drink contains plant collagen that helps to keep the skin hydrated and youthful.
BHK's Tremella Fuciformis & Berry Drink is a moisturizing drink and antioxidant drink.
BHK's Berry Drink is a powerful antioxidant drink, which contains vegan collagen and aronia extracts.
BHKs Tremella Fuciformis Drink contains patented tremella fuciformis extract and fermented black chokeberry juice that makes skin bouncy.
BHK Tremella Fuciformis enriched with naturally sourced ingredients that are proven to help maintain a stronger skin.
Regular consumption of Collagen Drink makes it easy for us to maintain perfect and flawless skin as we age.
BHK Tremella Fuciformis & Berry Drink is vegetarian, also known as vegan collagen drink.
BHKs Tremella Fuciformis & Berry Drink is safe, no side effects, and made of natural ingredients.
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured.


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