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UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules 【Bone Density】

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UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules【Bone Density】
Suitable for modern societies to supplement calcium deficiency from the lack of calcium intake to prevent mobility problems,
osteoporosis, etc.


3 Bone Strengthening and Calcium Enhancing Ingredients:
1. Concentrated 3x Ostrich Essence
Good mobility
2. US Patented MSM
Purity level over 99.8%. GRAS from The US FDA certification.
Helps relieve discomfort
3. Microcapsule patent K2, Spanish Microcapsule Calcium
Promote bone calcification, helps with bones and teeth development

Especially recommended for those who are:
1. Lack of calcium
2.Middle aged
Take care of your strength and mobility at your early age, stay active until forever!

Take 2 capsules at once daily after meal. For better result, take 2 capsules twice a day. Do NOT take more than 4 capsules per day.

UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules supports healthy bone,  joint structure, function and comfort.
Microencapsulated calcium and patented vitamin K2 increase the level of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.
UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules support you an acive lifestyle by maintaining the bone health and joint health.
Essence of Ostrich Capsules is sourced from Taiwan premium quality ostrich to help you maintain strong bones.
UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules added MSM to support joint flexibility and joint cushioning.
Calcium deficiency causes the bones to become brittle, take UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules to support bone health.
UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules work to lower inflammation and provide essential joint nutrients especially for hikers and the elderly.
UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules has passed muliple safety tests, no medicine and no heavy metal, and has no side effect.
UNIQMAN Essence of Ostrich Capsules has 3 times premium quality ostrich, patented MSM, microencapsulated calcium, and patented vitamin K2 for bone health..


商品名稱 UNIQMAN 強健鴕鳥精 膠囊食品
專利MSM(甲基硫醯基甲烷) 600mg、鴕鳥精粉 200mg。
內容量 60粒入


保存期限 三年(以消費者收受日起算,至少距離有效日期前365日以上。)
有效期限 請見外包裝(西元年/月/日)
原產地 台灣
保存方式 請避免日光直射、高溫、潮濕,開封後請盡快食用完畢。
注意事項 1.本產品含有大豆及其製品,不適合對其過敏體質者使用。
產物保險 已投保千萬責任險。


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