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BHK's Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser【Cleanses & Hydrates】

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BHK's Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser【Gentle Face Wash】

Cleanser that provides all 3 things that your face needs
cleansing & moisturizing & soothing

1. 30% amino acids x chamomile-extract
Effectively cleanses pores and impurities, improves metabolism and skin defense.
2.Vitamin B5 x Zinc x Allantoin
With skin keratin, forms a water-locking layer to keep skin moisturized.
3.Mallow x Calendula x Horse Chestnut Extract
Active ingredients to fight oxidation and increase metabolism to keep skin supple and smooth.

Suitable for all skin ranging from oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. Cleanses and moisturizes from within, providing everything your skin needs.

BHKs Amino acid foaming cream dissolves excess oil and unclogs pores without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. A gentle, non-irritating daily cleanser.
Incorrectly cleaning routine can easily prove to be the culprit behind icky skin conditions like breakouts, irritation, and clogged pores problems.
The secret formula of BHKs Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser is that it uses 30% amino acid and natural ingredients to clean skin.
BHK Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser contains 30% amino acid, Alps malva sylvestris, chamomile, calendula, with NO PEG, NO Paraben, and no MI/MCI.
BHKs 30% amino acid gentle facial cleanser can thoroughly cleanse the skin's dirt, better than acne face wash,exfoliating cleanser, and skin whitening face wash.
BHKs face wash steps: Dispense and rub until it lathers up. Massage into damp face, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.
BHKs Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, and normal skin.

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