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BHK's Night Relax Essential Oil Blend【Peaceful Sleep】

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BHK's Night Relax Essential Oil Blend【Peaceful Sleep】

Busy schedule and life stress can cause insomnia
Have you ever tried aromatherapy to solve it?

Sleep soundly and relax peacefully:

1. Lavender formulation
Combination of 3 types of Lavender: calm the mood, relieve fatigue, and promote sleep
2.Bergamot Mint andCedrus Atlantica
Relaxing body and mind, relieving tension
3. Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E
100% plant oil with antioxidants to nourish skin and delay aging

Recommended for those who have trouble sleeping, difficulty of relaxing, depressed, and often feel restless. Professionally designed to massage body parts, create a relaxed atmosphere, get a good sleep for an energetic and fresh day ahead!

Dispense a small amount of oil and gently massage the desired area, especially shoulder and neck, until completely absorbed.

Night relax essential oil with lavender is suitable for massage, to help you release stress, relax mood, eliminate fatigue, and sleep well
With the lavender relieving and relaxing scent, BHK night essential oil is your best choice to relax when you feel anxious, stressed, and when insomnia hits
BHKs night relax aromatherapy with selected herbal plant extracts ingredients with soft and pleasant lavender smell, Cedrus Atlantica with woody tone to reduce stress, and bergamot mint to help you sleep soundly
Night Relax oil is 100% plant extracted, suitable for skin massage without being sticky. Low temperature cold pressed sweet almond oil to retain active ingredients for dry skin soothing, Vitamin E as antioxidant to stabilize oil quailty and reduce fine lines.
Good essential oil is stress relieving and health enhancing. Without mineral oil to avoid clogged pores. Glass dropper to make usage easier, suitable for muscles relaxing massage and menstrual cramp soothing
Best way to use it is to squeeze 2-3 drops of essential oil and rub it evenly, apply in desired area, to relieve muscle tension
BHK night relax oil doesn't contain mineral oil, preservatives, alcohol, and fragrance. Suitable for aromatic relieving, skin nourishing, body and mind relaxing, to eliminate fatigue
Enhance skin quality, help with insomnia, improve sleep quality through massage. With better effect than diffused essential oil. Not suitable for pregnant women and people allergic to essential oil
MONDE SELECTION GOLD AWARD, food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured


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