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BHK's Kids DHA Fish Oil Chewable Softgels【Brain Development】

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BHK's Kids DHA Fish Oil Chewable Softgels (Orange Flavor)【Brain Development】

114mg DHA is essential for children's brain development. Chewable softgels and orange flavor are suitable for children!

Especially formulated for the children health and development
1. American TG form Fish Oil
Selected from small fish from the deep sea which are pure, pollution-free, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
2. Patented Phospholipid Serine
International patented to increase children cognitive development
Vitamin A, D, and E for children's eye, brain, and bones development

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
DHA 114mg
EPA 25.7mg

Take 1 chewable softgel once or twice a day. Do NOT take more than 2 chewable softgels per day. Do NOT swallow whole.

BHK kids DHA fish oil rich in omega-3 and DHA up to 114mg, with orange flavored chewable softgel to help children's brain and oral cavity development
The international research has shown that DHA is essential to for visual and cognitive development of children.
Lack of DHA can result in poor memory, poor concentration and emotional instability
Specifically desgined for children and students, BHK kids DHA fish oil contains 114mg of DHA, with patented Phospholipidserine, vitamin A, D, and E to promote children's growth and development
Carefully selected DHA with TG type, easy to absorb, fulfil TOTOX standardization, with no fishy taste, no colorant, and easy to chew softgel to supplement kids needs without any hustle
BHKs children's fish oil DHA is favored by kindergarten children, elementary school and middle school students
DHA need to be included in the diet for pregnant women, children under 2 years, for kids from 7-9 years old to increase neurological development, reading ability, immune system and reduce hyperactivity syndrom
Children above 3 years old 2 softgels daily. Children under 3 years old 1 softgel daily. Can be cut into smaller pieces for children under 3 years old. Children should be monitored while taking the product.
Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends daily appropriate dossage of DHA suplementation to help with children's focus, brain development, and learning ability
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured




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