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BHK's Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray【Fresh Private Area】

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BHK's Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray【Fresh Private Area】

Relieves discomfort in women's private areas during emergencies when itching, discomfort, excessive vaginal discharge, and menstrual periods

4 main ingredients for women private area protection:
1. Cranberry Extract
Rich in anthocyanins and tannins that can protect and provide softness for the skin of the Miss V skin area
2. Herbal Formulations Extract
Contains active ingredients to prevent itching, relieve discomfort, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory
3. Broussonetia papyrifera extract
Rich in flavonoids
4. Olive leaf polyphenols
Powerful antioxidants

Suitable for those who frequently experience private area infections, during menstruation, pregnancy, and for dealing with other personal area discomforts.

1. Use after shower or bathroom, during menstruation and daily care.
2. Spray 2 to 3 pumps, 10-15 cm away from intimate skin.
3. Can spray on lingerie.
BHK's Crimson Feminine Care can enhance women's private area protection, reduce infection risk, firming, and brightening
Help your private area's problem, such as itchiness, dryness, excessive secretions, and bad odor
Daily usage of weak acid personal hygiene product with pH 5 to 5.5 can maintain private area's health, BHK's Crimson Feminine Care Soothing spray is highly recommended
BHKs Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray rich in anthocyanins and tannins to protect women's private parts from infection
BHKs private area spray with 3 patented herbal formulation to relieve itching, maintain pH balance, deal with discomfort, and lower inflammation risk
Efficient spray design can be used in 360 degrees, efficient packaging, slim, lightweight, and easy to carry around
BHKs Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray is suitable for usage during menstruation period, daily maintenance, after pee, bath, and sex
BHKs Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray can be sprayed directly to your private area, on napkins, underwear, pads, toilet paper, etc
BHKs Crimson Feminine Care Soothing Spray is gentle, non-irritating, alcohol, MI/MCI preservatives free, and safe to use
BHK women's private area soothing spray is suitable for all ages and also pregnant women. Has passed Taiwan Quality Test Standard
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured


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