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PIN Collagen Loss Once We Hit the Age of 25, What Can We Do?!

What is it about? Why should I panic if collagen production is decreasing? Why is everybody talking about this collagen thingy?


First off, let’s start with what collagen is and its role in the human body. Collagen is an important fibrous protein naturally produced by our body that adds up to one-third of the proteins in our body, responsible to ensure our skin is strong and elastic, appearing firm and smooth on the outside


  So what is collagen loss?

Collagen is produced abundantly when we were young, being synthesized more than it is broken down (So now we know the reason behind that plump, wrinkle-free, irresistible toddler cheeks that we are all envious of). When we hit the age of 25, the production starts to decrease year by year, accordingly to our age. Since collagen is our “body glue” that holds everything together, when the production is slower, we will notice changes on our skin such as sags, wrinkles, and less hydration.


  What should I do? I don’t wanna look saggy and old!

Earlier back then, our parents told us to eat pig’s feet or skin, basically food rich with colloid to enhance collagen in our body. But, actually, it is not an effective way, since the collagen molecules are too large and ineffective for human body absorption

So what should we do? What should we eat?!

Don’t panic! Trending oral collagen supplementation is very much a thing lately, which with the right choice, has come to the answer of maintaining our youthful skin! Of course, we couldn’t stop our body aging, but we could thrive through it gracefully. And here comes the checklist to the right collagen 

Choosing the right & effective collagen check

Types of Collagen.

There are many types of collagen, 16 to be exact. Type 1 and type 2 are the one responsible the most for our skin

Small molecular size

Why? Small molecule collagen is the one best for absorption, better absorption means better result!

Extraction method

One important thing to make sure is that the extraction method from the source doesn’t damage the nutrients. So far, the best extraction methods are those with

1.       Hydrolysis

2.       Low temperature

Apart from collagen supplementation, what else can we do to maintain our youthfulness?

        Proper UV protection, such as sun-screen appliance.

        Healthy living habit, such as enough rest, less cigarettes exposure, etc.

        Healthy diet, less consumption of oil and sugar.

        Intake of Vitamin C and E to fight free radical damage and enhance collagen production



QHow effective is BHKs Advanced Collagen Tablet?

With small molecule French Patented fish collagen, extracted through low temperature hydrolysis, added with Vitamin C, BHKs Advanced Collagen Tablet works the best to enhance skin elasticity and firmness.

QHow to consume BHKs Advanced Collagen Tablet?

Take 2 tablets at once daily after meal. For better result, take 2 tablets twice per day. Do NOT take more than 6 tablets per day.

QIs there any precaution about this product?

This product is not suitable for fish, soy, and gluten allergy sufferers.

QIs BHKs Advanced Collagen Tablet safe for pregnant mommy?

All ingredients in Collagen Tablet are safe for pregnant women, but due to different body circumstances during pregnancy, it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor before consumption and start consuming after the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Q: At what age can we start consuming this product?

12, but collagen loss starts at the age of 25, so the best supplementation starting age is 18-20.

Q: What about the fishy smell?

No worries, with the tablet formulation, BHKs Advanced Collagen Tablet is very easy to swallow without fishy smell.

Q. If I cannot swallow the tablet, can I break the tablet down to powder form?

It is not recommended since it will lower down the absorption rate of the collagen. Our collagen tablet is coated with deep release technology to protect nutrients from stomach acid destruction.

Q. Is this product vegan-friendly?

No. Please refer to BHKs Hyaluronic Acid Capsulefor vegan-friendly skin hydration supplement.


Know that you know every information that you need, get your beauty supplement from BHK's!