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The Double Agent, When the Immunity Booster is Also a Skin Brightener

Its alias is ascorbic acid, better known as Vitamin C. The ingredient a body couldn’t synthesize but somehow couldn’t be in a condition where it is lack of. Do you know what’s worse? It is water-soluble, so again, this “smart human body” they say, will keep automatically flushing it out through pee! That’s why it must be obtained from our diet. But somehow, according to National Nutrition Survey in Taiwan, 20-30% of adults consume an insufficient amount of Vitamin C every day.

 So what exactly can Vitamin C do in our body?

● Promote wound healing

● Enhance the health and immune system

● Promote the growth of connective tissue, bones, and teeth

● Promote iron absorption

● Anti-oxidant

● Skin nourishing to enhance glow and brightness

● Prevent free radical damage

● Promote collagen formation

 Why do we need to take Vitamin C supplementation?

If you can fulfill your Vitamin C needs from your daily diet, then great! You don’t need it. But somehow, people nowadays have unbalanced diet, rarely consuming fruits and veggies, also some food processing methods can cause the loss of Vitamin C, it becomes challenging to fulfill our body Vitamin C needs only through our food, without supplementation.

 Which one is better, natural or synthetic Vitamin C?

Roughly, the way of Vitamin C extraction can be divided into two, natural extraction and artificial synthesis. Now let’s get down to the concern of “stay away from anything artificial”. It’s a myth!

There is no difference in their chemical structure, and clinical research has proven that there is no significant difference between these 2 bioavailabilities either. Adding up the fact that both of these Vitamin C types, when it is consumed with other nutrients such as Vitamin E, bioflavonoids, etc, they can synergistically complement each other.



  Q&ABHK's Vitamin C Double Layer

QWhat exactly does BHK's Vitamin C Double Layer do

AAs a strong anti-oxidant, BHK’s Vitamin C Double Layer enhances collagen production and iron absorption

QThen what makes this “Double-Layer” thingy so special

The first layer is immediate release technology, for quick nourishment and energy, immunity booster in emergency needs.

The second layer is sustained release technology, to protect nutrients for long term absorption, resulting in long-term antioxidant ability inside our body.

QHow to consume BHK's Vitamin C Double Layer

1 a day after meal will do. 2 a day if you need that extra boost 👊 You don’t have to eat more than 2 though. It’s useless. Our smart body will just directly flush it through our pee, so... yea 😉

Q: Why are there 2 different types of BHK’s Vitamin C? How to choose between Vitamin C Double Layer and Vitamin C500 from BHK’s?

Here’s a little guide of which Vitamin C do you need

If you wanna focus on skin glow? Vitamin C Double Layer

If you wanna focus on immune system enhancement? Vitamin C500

If you have poor gastrointestinal absorption? Vitamin C Double Layer!
Choose your Vitamin C smartly!

Q: So if both help for skin brightening, what’s the difference between BHK’s Vitamin C Double Layer and BHK’s Glutathione Tablet?

It’s kinda more like their mechanism differs, with BHK’s Vitamin C Double Layer, it helps collagen formation and iron absorption, that’s why it can enhance skin glow and brightness. While BHK’s Glutathione Tablet, it enhances skin brightness by blocking melanin production, enhances heart health, and help with sleep quality.

Both are besties, though! Consumption of both of them can synergistically help your skin glow!