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Essential Gym-buddy, L-Carnitine!

People that have been trying to lose weight, gym buddies, or those that have picked up healthy eating habit must be very familiar with Carnitine. For the past 100 years, Carnitine has been studied and confirmed to be able to help with weight loss and improve metabolism during exercise. So what actually is this exercise buddy, “Carnitine”?


❤  What is Carnitine/ L-Carnitine?

It is a natural amino acid, believed by researchers to be a vitamin-like substance, that’s why it is also called Vitamin BT, with a chemical structure similar to choline, which is responsible for lipid synthesis and transporting.


 So, what is Carnitine “job-desk”?

Its main job desk is the transportation of fat to “energy work station” and conversion to energy. This is why it is very important for fat burning and metabolism accelerating. L-Carnitine is actually naturally produced in the human body, and it is also widely found in the human diets, such as in meat and dairy. If the intake is insufficient, our smart body will use lysine and methionine, Carnitine’s friends. But although it is naturally produced by our body, 80% of the supply still relies on our diet, only a very small amount is self-made by our body. For that reason, that is why a lot of vegans, athletes, and people that have work-out as a part of their routine take Carnitine supplementation to boost their energy metabolism.


What will happen if our body doesn’t have a sufficient supply of Carnitine?

Since that it plays a very important role in energy metabolism, if a person doesn’t have enough Carnitine, it is easy for them to constantly feel powerless and tired.

Carnitine reaches its peak when people are in their 20s, and then gradually decreases with age. This also explains why people are prone to feel less and less energetic by aging.


So how does it help with exercise and weight loss? And why do some people say that taking L-Carnitine supplementation doesn’t work? Let’s crack the myth!

 So as mentioned before, L-Carnitine helps the fat conversion to energy. That’s why it can help with weight loss and boost work-out energy and of course, result.

But how to get the best result out of this supplementation? Carnitine is a kind of coenzyme, which is a “must-have” substance for metabolism, it is highly recommended to do aerobic exercise within 6 hours of eating to maximize the result.

The reason why people would say that L-Carnitine supplementation doesn’t work is because they think it is a magical pill that once you take it and it will magically decrease your weight, without any exercise effort or diet control. Carnitine doesn’t work like that, it is a substance to boost your metabolism, like a best friend that accompanies you to work out and give you motivation. But it doesn’t mean that only by having the best friend would do the work right? We have to do the work-out with the friend that would enhance the result of the work-out.


Since that it is mentioned before that it is easy for people with vegan diet to be lack of Carnitine, is L-Carnitine on the market vegan-friendly?

Thanks to the advancement of modern biotechnology, today's L-Carnitine is made from plant sources with special fermentation technology. It is a plant-based nutrient, highly recommended, especially for the vegan. But somehow, what really important is to pay attention to the capsule of the Carnitine, since some capsule is vegan-friendly, and some is not.

BHK’s L-Carnitine here is vegan-friendly.


Who is suitable for this L-Carnitine supplementation?


People who are exercising or fitness

People on weight maintenance

Those with poor metabolism

Those with strict diet



Q&A BHK’s L-Carnitine

Q: How to consume BHK's L-Carnitine?


If it is a work out day: 2 capsules before exercise, and 1 capsule after any meal;

If it is a rest day: 3 times a day, 1 capsule after each meal

Consumption of more than recommended dosage will not be beneficial.

p.s. : 1 hour before exercise will be the appropriate time for Carnitine supplementation.


Q: At what age can I start L-Carnitine supplementation?

A: 12 years old and above


Q: Is there any side effects of BHK's L-Carnitine, will I be overly sweaty and experiencing a fever-like symptoms especially in the abdomen area?

A: It is not a side effect, it is quite normal for some people to feel extremely sweaty because Carnitine increases your metabolism. Some people also have more sensitive stomachs resulting in a fever-like sensation around the abdomen.