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Get to Know Royal Jelly, a Bee Derived Ingredient That Have Always Been a Holy-grail in Beauty Industry

Royal jelly has always been known as the key ingredient of beauty, youthfulness, and anti-aging. Not only that it takes a big part in the beauty industry, it also always has been a very popular ingredient for health and vitality enhancement. A lot of people tend to confuse this ingredient with propolis, even though they are both related to honey as their source, their composition, and nutritional value are actually completely different! Let’s dive deeper!


  What is royal jelly?

Has been used since a long time ago by ancient Egyptian and Asian, it is currently a very popular ingredient in cosmetics, also health and beauty supplementation. Just like propolis and honey, royal jelly is also derived from bees. To simply differentiate them, honey is the flowers’ nectar collected by worker bees for rumination, dehydration, and several enzyme activities mainly for bees’ food preservation. While propolis, is a mixture of substances collected by worker bees from plant resins, for antibacterial, antiseptic, and honeycomb structure strengthening. Here goes the exciting part, royal jelly is the exclusive substance made specifically to supply queen bees’ food, with of course higher nutrients


  What are the ingredients of royal jelly? Does it really have a high nutritional value?

Royal jelly is partially soluble in water and has a pH between 3.4 and 4.5. The composition of royal jelly is extremely complex and diverse. Fresh royal jelly contains 65-68% of water, 11-14% of protein, 6% of lipids, 14-17% of carbohydrates, and 3% of undetermined substances.

The most important ingredient of royal jelly is 10-HDA, The importance of determining the 10-HDA acid lies in the fact that it is the main difference between Royal Jelly and the other bee products, i.e., it is what confers this product its unique characteristics, generating a marked difference. Therefore, low 10-HDA content implies a low Royal Jelly activity, ascribed to decomposition, poor quality, or something else to the commercialization of a product other than Royal Jelly. This determination was conducted by comparison with a pure 10-HDA standard.

Apart from that, it also has highly valuable ingredients such as Acetylcholine, Pantothenic Acid, and Vitamin B Complex.


  What’s the good of this important 10-HDA can do to a human body?

Now we finally reach the pointAs the key ingredient of royal jelly, 10-HDA can:

● Maintain the balance of body physiological function

● Enhance skin youth, beauty, elasticity, and luster

● Promote metabolism

● Enhance health

● Improve immune system

● Balance oil and water ratio in our body

● Help to deal with menopause discomfort

Imagine what a useful ingredient it is! The bee family believes that this is actually the ingredient that helps prolong queen-bee’s life. Not only it is useful for bees, royal jelly is a comprehensive supplementation to accompany our maturing process, gracefully.


  Okay so now I want to start royal jelly supplementation! How to choose the effective one?

1.      High 10-HDA content, like mentioned before. In Taiwan, the standard is 1.6%, while in Japan is 1.8%, but somehow in general health supplementation must have at least 5-6% of 10-HDA to ensure its quality and efficiency.

2.      The amount of royal jelly. There is no specific regulation regarding the daily intake of royal jelly. In health supplementation industry, a supplementation should at least content 1000mg fresh royal jelly.


  Q&ABHK’s Royal Jelly

Q: What are the usages of BHK's Royal Jelly Tablets?

A: Royal jelly’s unique 10-HDA with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are mainly to increase health and beauty, suitable supplementation for anti-aging. With added sesamin to increase sleep quality.


Q: How to eat BHK's Royal Jelly Tablets?

A: 2 capsules a day, after meal.


Q: When can I start BHK's Royal Jelly Tablet supplementation?

A: When you start to hit the age of 20. Early anti-aging supplementation is a long term investment!


Q: Is it suitable for men?

A: Of course!