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✨4 Weeks Skin Tone Fairness Improvement?! How Does It Work?

A lot of women want their skin to be glowing, fair, always afraid of dark and dull skin, that’s why we try hard to always avoid the sun, some use umbrellas outdoor, some always wear long-sleeve shirts, some wear a cap, anything just to keep our skin hidden from the sun. Lately, GSH(Reduced Glutathione) has been a famous ingredient in Taiwan, another armor to keep dark and dull skin away, apart from outer protection, this is the internal regulation that really works! Ladies, let’s dive deeper!


What is glutathione?

It is a substance made from 3 amino acids, cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. The liver in our body actually metabolizes glutathione naturally, but somehow, it will decrease as we get older, or with poor nutrition, bad habits, and others, that’s why we need Glutathione supplementation to balance it! The daily intake recommended is 250mg a day, raw material fermentation must be by torula yeast.

What does it has to do with whitening?

 So imagine this, tyrosine will produce eumelanin, which is a dark brown and black colored pigment, makes your skin appear darker. This process is catalyzed by tyrosinase, and this Glutathione over here, inhibit tyrosinase instead, and instead of producing eumelanin, it will produce pheomelanin instead, which is a red and yellow pigment that makes your skin appears brighter!


And like mentioned before, this momma of antioxidants will, of course, protect your skin from free radicals from the inside, that come from bad sleep, bad eating habits, etc. So this is how it works from the inside, to make you look brighter from the outside! Not only on your face but your whole body because it regulates from the inside for the whole body.



Whitening habit myth we have to debunk!

1.  Using fresh lemon slices as a face mask

Some people prefer natural skincare, which is great. Some like to use lemon as a face mask but somehow didn’t wash the face properly after. If this happens and skin is exposed to UV light, it will result in hyper-pigmentation, creating uneven dark spots, since lemon contains a high level of fruit acid that has a strong photosensitive effect leading to hyperpigmentation. If you want the Vitamin C from lemon for skin brightening, it is highly recommended to consume Vitamin C supplement, or drink lemon juice instead of putting it directly on your skin to be a face mask.



2.  The higher the dosage is, the more effective it is

Trust me, skin-care effectiveness doesn’t solely depend on the dosage. In fact, the dosage of each ingredient is actually regulated. There are so many things that need to be considered for a skin-care to be effective, for example, 1.The absorption effectiveness by knowing the form (ex: tablet, capsule, for internal regulation, or serum, toner for external.

2.  The right ingredients for the right skin.

Skin condition varies, so does the ingredient that works on it. For example, skin prone to dryness wouldn’t work well with Vitamin C or acidic ingredients.


In addition, our skin metabolism cycle is about 28 days could be more, that’s why the effectiveness of a product could hardly be determined in a short period of time.


How to choose the right Glutathione?

Make sure the raw material is fermented by Japanese patented round yeast

Efficient dosage 250 mg

Professional certification

Efficient and safe ingredients proven


❤ Q&ABHK's Glutathione Tablet

Q: What is the main usage of BHK’s Glutathione Tablet?

A: It helps enhance liver metabolism to reach glowing and fair skin tone. It also enhances sleep quality.


Q: In how long can I start to feel the result?

A: Human experiment proven that 90% of the testees improve their skin fairness by 18% in 4 weeks.

BHK’s little reminder: Nighttime sleep quality is very important to improve skin fairness and glow, it is highly recommended to get enough sleep and maintain healthy habit to have glowing skin.


Q: How to consume BHK’s Glutathione?

A: 1 tablet a day, after dinner!

p.s.: For night shift workers, it is highly recommended to consume 1 tablet before bed, accordingly to your sleeping time.


Q: Is there any precaution before consuming?

A: People who are allergic to glutathione, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and infants should avoid taking BHK’s Glutathione Tablet.


Q: What is Phyllanthus Emblica extract?

A: Phyllanthus Emblica, one of the ingredients in BHK’s Glutathione tablet is also known as Indian gooseberry, a superfruit rich in polyphenol that can help increase the Glutathione content in our body.


Q: Is it suitable for vegetarians?

A: No, we also have a vegan-friendly Glutathione product. BHK’s patented glutathione vegetarian capsules will be linked below, with the same dosage of Glutathione, but a different form to make it vegan-friendly.