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Needed Throughout Human's Life, CALCIUM.

Since we are babies till we grow old, we can’t quite get rid of the need for calcium supplementation, why is that?

Calcium is the highest mineral in the human body, taking part about 1-2% of our body weight. 99% of the calcium in the human body is contained in bones and teeth, but not only to make all those important functioning body part stronger, Calcium also plays an important physiological role in our bodies, such as taking part in some of our bodies’ enzymes and cofactors functioning.


  We have been told our whole life that we need calcium supplementation, why?

Parents always remind their kids to drink milk, as they are known of being rich in calcium. They say it makes you grow stronger. But grandparents take calcium supplementation too, they say it makes them stay strong. So, why do we keep needing them? According to the survey, 90% of Taiwanese are generally lacking calcium intake due to westernization diet. Daily intake of calcium ranges around 430mg, while the lowest daily calcium intake recommended by WHO is 1000mg! Lack of exercise also leads to calcium deficiency. With nowadays people eating habits and lifestyle, calcium supplementation is really important, that’s why!


  How do I know if my body doesn’t have enough calcium?

-Mood swings

-Feeling easily tired

-Prone to discomfort and sickness

-Trouble sleeping

-Constant tensed muscle

-Constant pins and needles

-Bones weakening, movement discomfort

-Whole-body soreness


  There are so many types of calcium supplementation available on the market, amino acid chelated calcium, algae calcium, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, how to choose the right calcium?

The highest absorption works the best. Since that calcium is a mineral that the body cannot produce by itself. Amino acid chelated calcium has the highest absorption rate, 80%, followed by Calcium Citrate, 35%.

A calcium supplementation added with other synergistically working ingredients such as magnesium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, etc., can also enhance its effect.

If your body feels uncomfortable after calcium supplementation, then you might need to choose other calcium, but not calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is prone to producing carbon dioxide in acidic environments leading to hiccups, and stomach problems.


How can calcium supplementation help our body?

Maintain normal bone growth and skeletal development

Maintain healthy and normal blood coagulation

Contribute to the normal contraction of the heart’s muscles and nerves

Regulate cells permeability


But isn’t calcium can be found in our daily diets such as milk, fish, etc? Why do we need calcium supplementation then?

To supply the amount of calcium that we need, it means in a day, a human needs to drink 3 cups of milk or 50 pieces of 300g mackerel fishes, 36 bowls of pork rib soup, which just sound not so easy and comes not only with the calcium but also all the calories and everything! That’s why we need efficient calcium supplementation, throughout our age!


Q&A BHK’s Amino Acid Chelated Calcium?

Q: What actually is amino acid chelated calcium?

A: It is a form of calcium. The amino acid clamps the calcium firmly like a crab's foot, so it is called chelation. It can keep the calcium well until it is absorbed, and the absorption rate is as high as 80%.


Q: What is the source of BHK's amino acid chelate calcium?

A: The amino acid comes from cereal extraction, so it is a variety of amino acids, and it uses ingredients approved by the Taiwan FDA.


Q: How to consume Amino Acid Chelated Calcium?

A: 1-2 tablets a day before bed, to reduce the interaction with food, to increase the bioavailability, and helps with sleep quality


Q: I am also taking an iron supplementation, is that okay?

A: BHK’s use Amino Acid Chelated Calcium which will not effect iron absorption, please continue both of your supplementation at ease J

Q: Is it suitable for pregnant women?
A: We also have a specifically designed “
BHK's MaMa Calcium+D Veg” with ingredients perfectly suitable for pregnant mommies J