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Diabetic Buddies’ Bestie, Wild Bitter Melon Peptide

Diabetic buddies’ bestie, Wild Bitter Melon Peptide

Wild bitter melon or known as wild bitter gourd has been a very popular ingredient among people suffering from diabetes, since it has insulin-like properties that can transport glucose into cells for energy. Its “real-name”, Momordica Charantia, is rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, protein, and dietary fiber. Not only it helps with blood sugar level balancing, it is also good in relieving heat in our body. In terms of nutritional value, wild bitter melon is the highest among the melon family

The chairman of the Nutrition Foundation of Taiwan discovered that bitter melon peptides, the active substance in bitter gourd, have the ability to activate PPAR (a major regulator of energy homeostasis.), indicating that bitter gourd may have regulatory and stabilizing effects for blood sugar level. Diabetic buddies, here’s your friend to stop you panicking after every meal you have!  


How to pick the right bitter melon? What is the difference with the white one?

Both are very common and easy to spot in the market, for white bitter melon, because of it’s not so bitter taste, it is suitable to be stir-fried or cook, just like what Asian cuisine usually serve.

As the wild bitter melon, it is smaller in size, heavier in the bitter taste, but somehow higher in nutrients, rich with RPA, polypeptide-p, triterpenoids, etc. Wild bitter melon does a really great job in promote metabolism, adjusting physiological function, promoting metabolism, and balancing blood sugar level.


Why should I take bitter melon supplementation instead of just eating a bitter melon directly? What’s the difference?

The “peptide” in wild bitter melon is composed of small molecular proteins of more than 2 amino acids, that get activated and maximized through precise concentration extraction technology. It is more effective to eat and it works better.

To eat a bitter melon till it reaches the balancing property will not be so easy.


How to choose the right wild bitter melon supplementation?

      Processed by low temperature technology

      The complementary ingredients that work synergistically: Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, and other enzymes that enhance the maintenance of sugar metabolism

      Transparent and clear label of the source and ingredients of bitter melon extract


  Q&ABHK's Wild Bitter Melon

QWhat can I achieve after consuming this supplement?

AIt is mainly to enhance normal metabolism of glucose, balancing blood sugar level.

QHow to consume?

ATake 2 capsules once or twice a day 30 minutes before meals, recommended before breakfast and dinner. Do NOT take more than 4 capsules per day.

QIs there any precaution?

AIf you are taking hypoglycemic drugs, please avoid taking this product at the same time, gap them atleast 1-2 hours.

Children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women, and people who are taking any medication or with a known medical condition, consult your doctor before usage.

QIs it suitable for vegans?


QIs it safe for kids?

AIt is suitable for kids above 12 years old.