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Acnes, Go Away! Never Come Again Another Day!

And when you think that puberty acnes will go away by themselves…..Yet they seem so comfortable lingering in your adult-grown-up face. It seems like you never get over that 16 years old hormone raging phase! Even worse, when you think that acnes couldn’t get any more annoying, it comes out with more and more friends like blackheads, pimples, zits, cysts, whiteheads and start to colonize not only your face, but your back, your cleavage, and at this point acne patch just sounds impossible to cover it all…


Alright alright, let’s start with this “frenemy” of ours is not something we can cure, but something we have to control. And to control them, we have to get to know them.


  Why are they even there at the first place?
So let’s say in our skin, we have glands, called sebaceous glands to lubricate our skin so it stops drying out by producing oily waxy substance, called sebum. But, when the sebum is produced too much, mixed with dead skin cells, pollution, that overnight unremoved make-up, it will clog the little hole in our skin called hair follicles that are attached to the sebaceous glands, and boom! Acne arrived. 

It takes the glands from our body and the pollution outside of our body to produce “acne”. What makes the glands produce excessive sebum? Hormones! This gland of ours is extremely sensitive to hormones, so stress, pregnancy, periods, not enough sleep, any kind of hormones roller coaster can lead to excessive oily sebum production.

And what is the “external factor” ? Your dirty pillow case, pollution, improperly removed make-up, excessive usage of skincare, anything that you could categorize as “too much” and “not supposed to be there” on your face could basically take roles.



  So what do we do to keep them at the bay?
As we already understood that this oily waxy substance called sebum takes a big role in our acnes production. It is very important to control our oil and water ratio balance by controlling the activity of our hormone-sensitive glands and keep away the external factors that could team up with sebum to create acnes.

How to?

  Stay hydrated and moisturized, drink enough water.
  Properly but not excessively clean your face, choose gentle, non-irritating products.
  Keep your hands off your face! Just never, never be an acne popper. Our hands have numerous bacteria that could make it worse.
  Give a product more than 28 days to work. Just give it a chance. Our skin takes 28 days for its cells turnover. So it might take more than a month for a product to work. Changing a product every 5 days won’t take you anywhere.
  Avoid excessively oily food
  Get enough rest
  Try your best to stay in a positive and happy mood!
  Try supplementation internal regulation to balance skin oil and water ratio, BHK’s Lemon Verbena Capsules


  About Lemon Verbena, the internal acne “controller” to keep them away.
Q: What does this supplement actually do?
A: It contains lemon verbena that helps internal conditioning to balance out water and oil on our skin, the main factors of acne production. Added with Vitamin C and Zinc, it promotes wound healing and skin regeneration to keep skin healthy and acne-free.

Q: How long after supplementation that the result will show?
A: As mentioned before, acnes are something you control, not cure. We have to keep all the factors in the right term to keep acnes away. It is recommended to take lemon verbena as daily supplementation to maintain the balance, take at least for 1-2 months to achieve skin oil and water balance.

Q: How to consume this supplement?
Take 1 a day after meal, take 2 a day at once for maximum supplementation. It is highly recommended to take it at the same time every day.

Q: Is there any precaution?
A: This product is not suitable for pregnant woman and patients with a certain medical conditions
. Please consult a doctor before usage.
This supplement can be taken by kids over 12 years old. It is highly recommended for those going through puberty period to deal with hormonal acnes.

Q: Is it vegan-friendly?
A: No. It is recommended for those needing acnes supplementation yet are vegan to take BHK’s Resveratrol.

Q: What is the difference between BHK’s Lemon Verbena and BHK’s Salmon DNA?
A: BHK’s Lemon Verbena is mainly to balance skin oil and water ratio, to prevent acne. BHK’s Salmon DNA promotes wound healing, fade acne scars. It is highly recommended to take both of it together to have flawless, acne-free and scars-free skin.