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About Hair Cycle, "hair-fall magic fix", and How to Finally Have a Strong and Healthy Hair

Hair has always been an important factor in somebody’s appearance. Thick and shiny, the two must-have criteria, to define healthy-looking hair. That’s why hair fall is a big issue for those that experience it. The more hair you lose, the thinner it will get, the unhealthier it will look.

According to experts, it is actually normal to shed 50-100 roots a day, but if the amount exceeds 150 (yes, it’s impossible to count our fallen hair), but basically, when the amount is already excessive, it is actually our body signaling insufficient nutrition, bad living habits, stress, etc. If you experience hair fall, you must be familiar with “biotin”, the ingredient that is well known as “hair-fall magic fix”.

Biotin is actually Vitamin B7, a water-soluble vitamin found in our bodies that works by turning fats, carbs, and proteins into energy. When your body is deficient in biotin, it can lead to hair thinning and brittle nails. So when do we know that we actually need biotin supplementation? What to do to prevent hair fall? Why does hair even fall?

  Get to know “hair cycle”

1. Anagen: growing phase
The longest phase that could last from 3-7 years, anagen is when our hair follicles are pushing out hairs that will continue to grow until they’re cut or until they reach the end of their lifespan and fall out. At any time, about 90% of our hair is in the anagen phase.

2. Catagen: transition phase
Lasting about 10 days or so, hair follicles shrink and hair growth slows. The hair also separates from the bottom of the hair follicle, yet remains in place during its final days of growing. Only about 5 percent of the hairs on our head are in the catagen phase at any given time.

3. Telogen: resting phase
This one typically lasts 3 months.  An estimated 10 to 15 percent of our scalp hairs are in this phase. Hairs don’t grow during the telogen phase, but they don’t usually fall out either. The telogen phase is also when new hairs start to form in follicles that have just released hairs during the catagen phase.

4. Exogen: shedding phase

This is when we are supposed to lose that 50-100 hair fall, also affected by brushing or washing. During the exogen phase, which can last about 2 to 5 months, new hairs are growing in the follicles as old hairs fall away our hair.


  What causes the excessive more than 100 roots hair fall?

● Improper diet: Improper eating habit messes with the cycle, making “telogen phase” longer, which interrupts hair growth and supports hair fall.
● Unbalanced nutrients: Protein, Vitamin B, C, D play an important role in hair growth. When we are lack of it, hair problem will start to occur. ● Poor lifestyle: As we know, things that we know is bad yet stays as the “we know” phase, such as smoking, not enough sleep, alcohol intake. Come on at this point, we all know those factors affect not only hair fall but basically everything that makes us ugly?
● Stress: That’s why a happy queen is what we root for! Just life poor life style, what part of stress actually makes us beautiful?
● Post-partum:  The excessive shedding is caused by falling estrogen levels. But don’t worry mommies! This phase is temporary.


Now, to achieve healthy hair, let’s focus on root maintenance! What should we do?? Say goodbye to frizzy and thin hair!

● A balanced diet, work, and rest.

● Proper cleaning, do not excessively wash our hair is the first thing. Clean it properly when we are shampooing.

● Avoid tying hair too tightly


● Hairdryer 10cms away to not let the heat damage our hair

Head massage to promote circulation

● If heat is involved in hairstyling, remember to use heat protection products and keep the temperature as less damaging as possible.

● Start BHK’s Biotin supplementation to maintain well-nourished roots.




Q: What is the result we can get after consuming BHK’s Biotin?
A: BHK’s Biotin tablets
are made for hair maintenance, with high quality biotin (Vitamin B7), wheat protein to enhance hair nourishment, bunge auriculate root to promote hair growth, and polyamine that also has anti aging properties. This tablet supports well-nourished roots that can result in shiny and strong hair.


Q: How to consume BHK’s Biotin?
A: Take 1 tablet a day after meal for maintenance, 1 tablet 2 times a day after meal. As this is a water soluble vitamin, excessive amount will be directly flushed out of our body, eating more than the recommended dose would not be useful.


Q: Is it suitable for pregnant women?
A: For pregnant women or those in lactation period, consult with doctor prior consumption.

Q: When can I start the supplementation?
A: 12 years old and above.

Q: Is it vegan-friendly?
A: Yes