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Black Soybean and Its Magical Work on Beauty and Body Tone

Black Soybean and Its Magical Work on Beauty and Body Tone


Black soybean, an ingredient that has always been a very popular beauty ingredient in Japan has made its fame to Taiwan lately. It is consumed not only in the form of supplementation but also available as black soybean water and is cooked in dishes, claiming that it has the ability to aid in fat burn and to enhance beauty and health in general.

Is there such a thing that could fulfill every women’s needs like that?...


❤  Lets get to know Black Soybean ingredients!

-Anthocyanins and Vitamin E are antioxidants in black soybean responsible to enhance youthfulness, smooth skin texture, and preventing free radical damage. If you are eating black soybean, it is important to also eat the skin since it has a very high level of anthocyanins!
-Protein and Soy isoflavones are both really good ingredients to promote metabolism. Not to stop there, soy isoflavones have the ability to regulate a woman's physiological function.
-UFA (Unsaturated Fatty Acids) in black soybean reaches 80%, with a high absorption rate, effective in improving blood cholesterol levels, easing inflammation, stabilizing heart rhythms, this one is just basically a very useful ingredient!  |
-Dietary fiber helps with overall digestion, promotes smooth bowel movement, also keeps us full for longer to control snacking habits.
-Vitamin B boosts energy and rosy skin complexion.


  What do we expect to achieve after consuming black soybean?

       Enhanced metabolism
       Body moisture conditioning
       Smooth bowel movements
       Anti-aging and smooth skin
       Overall physical fitness adjustment

  Black soybean tea, black soybean milk, and black bean supplement, which one is the most suitable for daily supplementation?
Black soybean milk has a high glycaemic index, which is not so suitable for those wanting to lose weight. While black soybean tea would not preserve the overall nutrients due to the nutrient lost during high-temperature processing. For optimum beauty and body toning results, it is highly recommended to consume black soybean in a form of a capsule, to ensure its complete nutritional value and receive the best result.


  How to choose the right and most effective black soybean?
● Planted in Tamba Sasayama, Japan, with the best quality
● Contains black soybean skin extract, for complete nutrition value
● Highly concentrated for effective result
● Non-genetically modified black beans, no pesticide residues
● Safety inspection confirmed

  Q&ABHK's Black Soybean

QSo what is the effect after consuming BHK’s Black Soybean?

ABHK’s Black Soybean is effective in enhancing metabolism, helps with body toning, smoothens gastrointestinal movement, and enhances beauty and youthfulness.

QHow to consume BHK’s Black Soybean?

AOnce a day after meal. Consumption of more than recommended usage won’t be beneficial.

p.s.It is highly recommended to stick at one supplementation time every day.

QOften time, legumes tend to cause flatulence, will BHK’s Black Soybean also causes flatulence?
ADon’t worry, the black soybean of BHK’s is in extract form which is no longer high in carbohydrates. If flatulence occurs, consume BHK’s Plant Enzymes to help with digestion and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.