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100% Collagen Powder Q & A

QWhat is the advantage of consuming 100% collagen powder?
AMainly to restore skin elasticity and maintain firmness, BHK’s 100% pure collagen ingredients have been through deodorizing process, with no added colorings or flavoring. Suitable for those who couldn’t swallow tablets or for pregnant mommies.

QHow to consume?  
ACombine 1 stick pack of collagen powder into your favorite beverage or meal twice a day, or pour it into the mouth directly.

QIs there any precaution  
1. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause choking.
2. Mix into water or beverage, and drink it as soon as possible.
3. Contains fish and its component. NOT suitable for fish allergy sufferers.

QAt what age can I start the supplementation   
A6 and above.

QIs it vegetarian-friendly?  

ANo, collagen is derived from fish.

QIs it suitable for pregnant woman   


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