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Man's Must Have Supplement : Chelated Zinc

Every man knows how important it is to have sufficient Zinc intake, not only about enhancing their sexual function from stamina to fertility but also for overall health. Eating oysters and other seafood has been an option to it, but lately, people have been realizing the cholesterol burden that follows with it is actually a bigger risk than the benefit of the Zinc nutrients. Since it is an essential trace element for our body that regulates physiological functions and energy, yet couldn’t be produced by our own body, it is essential to include enough in our diet, and after the whole cholesterol thing with seafood, a lot of people have been putting their choice on to supplementation to fulfill their Zinc needs instead. Following the Zinc supplementation trend, there are so many types of Zinc in the market, such as yeast Zinc, Zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, chelated Zinc, etc… So what makes the difference? Let’s get to know more about Zinc! 


🔷 The importance of Zinc to the human body

Sexual function enhancement: Stamina booster, fertility support (boosting sperm count and quality).

Skin tissue protein synthesis boost: This can enhance skin quality. Zinc supplementation also works well on women for this benefit.


🔷 What are the effects of Zinc deficiency?

According to research, about 2 billion people in the world suffer from Zinc deficiency, which not only affects fertility but also slower wound recovery, overall mental health, and physical body condition.


🔷 What is the difference between chelated Zinc, Zinc gluconate, and Zinc sulfate? Which one has the highest absorption rate for the human body?

● Chelated Zinc: Zinc is attached to the chelating agent to create a stable, water-soluble product that can be easily absorbed by the body. The absorption rate is as high as 95%, it is gentle to stomach, doesn’t affect any other trace elements’ absorption in the body.

● Zinc gluconate: Organic Zinc, with an absorption rate of about 14%. A not so gentle type of Zinc that would also easily affect the absorption of calcium and iron.

● Zinc sulfate: Inorganic Zinc, low absorption rate, can easily cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms.

● Yeast Zinc: Commonly used source of Zinc with moderate absorption rate, milder effect, and doesn’t have any effect on the stomach.

So it can be concluded that Chelated Zinc is the most efficient, gentle on the body, and stable Zinc supplementation!

🔷 Q&AUNIQMAN Chelated Zinc

How to take UNIQMAN Chelated Zinc?

Take 1 a day, every day after a meal.

Is there any precaution

This is a high-dose product, suitable for adults.

Is there any side effect of UNIQMAN Chelated Zinc consumption

No, it is proven safe.

Is it vegan-friendly