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Is it true that Damiana increases sensation? What does it help in men? Does UNIQMAN Damiana really work? Here is all you need to know about UNIQMAN Damiana!

Losing passion in your relationship? Exhausted under the stress of family & work? Have Damiana spice up your ordinary life, and regain your passion!

Compare to MACA or L-Arginine, Damiana is an effective male function supplement but is rarely known by people. You might question what is it, how it works & what’s the differences from other supplements! 1 minute for you to know Damiana’s strengths & effects!

Know Damiana

Damiana a.k.a the Turnera Diffussa, native to Mexico and Central & North America. American Indians used to consume it for physiological function. It helps improve sensation & gentle nerve stimulation that works on both man & woman. Long-term of consumption can regulate body & regain desire kick!

Comparison of Damiana with other Male Health products

Damiana: Enhance sensitivity, better intimacy experience

MACA: Energy booster, all-round body nourishment

L-Arginine: Enhance stamina, promote blood circulation for better erectile ability

Chelated Zinc: Male hormone enhancement, promotes sperm quality & quantity

Although they are all supplements for physiological function enhancement, but besides boosting energy, Damiana also promotes sensitivity!

Which product to consume with Damiana for synergizing effects?

Damiana contains L-Arginine, Chelated Zinc, Ginseng, and other compounds for multiple effects & nourishment; Recommend trying different functions of UNIQMAN products for an all-around experience (energy, stamina & pleasure sensation)!

Precautions on choosing Damiana product?

1.      Ingredient: Choose patented Turner’s Leaf/test certified Damiana to ensure safe & no side-effects.

2.      Additive Ingredients: Recommend to choose product with Damiana as main ingredient, more effective with other different functions product.