Baldness Hair Growth

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Losing hair over the crown? Do you believe the supply of Biotin helps to thicken hair? THESE are the nutrition you should know while facing a baldness crisis!

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Man has a great chance to have baldness and man can suffer at an earlier age. How to do prevention & care for hair? Have you heard of the hair health nutrients supplier- Biotin? Besides having appropriate care products, choosing a supplement for hair is also a great choice to improve hair health


Why & how to prevent baldness?

There are thousands of reasons: stress, family inheritance, over styling and etc. Some are born to have & some are acquired. BUT, it's never too early to do prevention! Some said the young man never had to worry about it. However, when stress hits you like a wrecking ball and causes bad circulation leads to baldness. Besides that, Mediterranean hair, a common recessive inheritance, might come to you after the age of 30.

Other than appropriate hair care, a supplement can also be a great help on sufficient nutrition supply! It assists in solving baldness from the inside out!


Are you a high-risk population for baldness?

1. Over Styling

Often perm & dye hair, cause scalp direct contact to chemical substances. It can easily damage hair root causing rough & hair breaking.

2. Family Inheritance

If your family elders suffer from baldness, this genetic disease will pass on traits from parents to their offspring.

3. Bad Life Habits

Habits of staying up late, smoking & drinking will damage the circulation where nutrients cannot reach the crown of the head. It will affect the healthy growth of hair.

4. Stress

Stress, long-term anxiety & tension will impact body regulation.

5. Commutes to Work By Motorcycle

Often wearing helmet causes hot & humid environment to scalp that gets greasy easily. It will lead to structure damage & hair loss.

6. Inappropriate Care

Using high temperature water or over force to wash hair, blow your hair dry with close range will all causes burden to the scalp.


How to care/ maintain a healthy hair growth?

1. Balance Diet, no picky on food

2. Appropriate Arrangement on Care, warm water to clean & rinse, 10cm distance from hair blower to dry…

3. Maintain Regular Life, keep early hours.

4. Calm Emotions, avoid tension & stress.

5. Avoid Hair Styling, or have fine hair care after styling.

6. Appropriate Massage, promotes health circulation.

7. Keep scalp breathable, no sulrpy environment & weight on scalp.

8. Wise choose on supplement, daily consumption of nutrients for scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Eg: UNIQMAN Biotin!


The nutrition for scalp you need to know!


A.K.A the Vitamin B7, an important factor for protein circulation. Sufficient of Biotin can maintain & strengthen the health of scalp.

Cynanchum Extraction

Precious Chinese medicine, contains much nutrients for stimulate the growth of glossy black hair.

Patented MSM

Methylsulfonyl methane, is one of the important factors to build strong hair. Maintain glossy hair & strengthen hair roots to prevent hair loss.

Vitamin C

It helps to composite collagen in the body. Hair contains much collagen, and a lack of Vitamin C will cause easy hair breaks & dryness. So, sufficient Vitamin C will promote the health of hair.

Pantothenic Acid

A.K.A Vitamin B5, helps to regulate stress and synergize effects with Vitamin C.


It composite with protein in the body, appropriate consumption of Zinc can improve hair loss.


3 MAIN points on choosing Hair Care Supplement

1. Certified/ Patented Ingredients:

Legal & clearly labeled ingredients product; Cheap & unknown origin ingredients might cause opposite effects.

2. Ingredient Content:

Choose supplement with Biotin as main ingredients will promote more effective results.

3. Suitable for man/ woman:

Both needed to have nutrients supply, you can choose according the ingredients for more suitable product.