BPH Urinary problems Pumpkin seed oil Smoothen urination Promote fertility Prevent BPH

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Suffer from poor urinary flow? Pumpkin Seed Oil can help in Prostatic Care, know about it! Smooth flow will never be a problem!

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Man body function changes with age, Prostatic Problems might come up to you!

Something doesn’t work like it used to?When BPH(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) causes compression on urethra, it would lead to frequent urination, residual urine flow, poor urinary strength, urinary incontinence and etc issues. Don’t suffer from it!

Know the Pumpkin Seed Oil, and no worries on urinary problems!


What is Pumpkin Seed Oil?

A.K.A the Savior of Middle Age Men, the earliest record was in the America, the Native American knew Pumpkin Seed Oil’s great soothing effect for utility discomforts.

It is made out of raw pepitas & cold-pressed to preserve complete nutrition. The extraction is high in nutrient value and contains precious Omega3-6-9, various unsaturated fatty acids (α-Linolenic acid, Linoleic acid, etc), phytosterols, amino acid vitamins, minerals, and other biologically active substances. Capsule is the best preservation way to retain nutrients.


What are the effects & advantage of supplying pumpkin seed oil?

1. Smooth Prostate Gland

It soothes discomforts, improves care of urination, reduce residue, and enhances life quality.

2. Natural Nutrition

Clinical trial tested: Pumpkin Seed Oil has natural estrogen, which can promote fertility. 

3. Advance Care for Prostate Gland

Contain rich unsaturated fatty acid (one of the good oils), prevent BPH!


How to take Pumpkin Seed Oil for best effect?

Research shows: The adults should consume 500-1,000mg of Pumpkin Seed Oil for 12 weeks constantly to help smoothen urination & improve life quality; Consume along with Lycopene can synergize the effect of Pumpkin Seed Oil which will get the best result on all-round improvement.


What is Lycopene?

It is a carotenoid common in the human body, a high natural anti-oxidant; Consist is fat-soluble, consumed with oil can improve 2-3X of body absorption & increases utilization. Best matching with Pumpkin Seed Oil for best results!


How to choose Pumpkin Seed Oil supplements?

1. Cold-pressed manufacturing process, preserve complete nutrients.

2. Additive Ingredients: for better absorption & synergize effects.

3. Certified & Tested Raw Materials, for example: plasticizer, heavy metal, acid value test.