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Why is everybody taking fish oil?

The most common supplement that people from all around the world take is fish oil. But why so? Apparently, with ingredients extracted from the fat of fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil actually has a lot of benefits for the human body, such as brain nourishment to enhance focus and memory, anti-inflammation, maintaining overall body balanced metabolism, increase heart health, etc. Let’s dive deeper into this popular ingredient!


  What is Omega-3 in fish oil?

Omega-3 is unsaturated fatty acid mainly composed of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These 2 ingredients couldn’t be naturally synthesized by our body, but somehow is very crucial, that’s why we need the intake of fish oil by consuming fish, seafood, or plant-derived omega-3 such as flaxseed or perilla oil. Compared with plant-derived omega-3, omega-3 from fish oil is a lot easier to be converted and utilized by the human body.



  What is the difference between DHA and EPA?
DHA contributes significantly to the brain and its jobs. It is the most crucial part of omega-3 to keep our brains sharp. Most doctors will recommend a pregnant woman to start supplementing DHA at the second trimester of pregnancy, to provide key nutrients for the baby’s brain development.

While EPA is the ingredient that plays numerous physiological roles and reduces inflammation, EPA is an important ingredient for elderly care. It takes a role in promoting mobility, stable mood, and overall healthy metabolism.


  So what are the proven effects of these 3 ingredients, Omega-3, DHA, and EPA, in fish oil?

           Healthy metabolism

           Stable mood

           Sharp and focused brain function

           Improved immune system

           Lowered rates of heart and circulatory disease


  What is the sufficient daily dosage of Omega-3?

● WHO recommends 300mg-500mg of omega-3 fatty acids daily
● The American Heart Association recommends 650mg-1000mg of omega-3 fatty acids
● The US FDA recommends that omega-3 fatty acids should not exceed 3 grams/day
● Taiwan’s FDA recommends that omega-3 fatty acids should not exceed 2 grams/ day

  What is the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil?

While all the effects and main ingredients of fish oil are as mentioned above, the main ingredients of cod liver oil are fat-soluble Vitamin A that helps with maintaining vision in the dark, and Vitamin D, which enhances bones and teeth development.
Although both are extracted from fish, the extracted parts and nutritional value are different.

  Choose the right fish oil supplementation!

1.      Natural TG type fish oil
In general, fish oil is divided into natural TG type (triglycerides) and artificial EE type (ethyl ester). According to the current research, TG-type fish oil is superior to EE artificial type in many aspects, such as absorption rate which is higher by 37 %-54%, with also higher stability than EE-type fish oil.

2.      Concentration of Omega-3
To meet the standard, the concentration of Omega-3 must be between 30-50%. When purchasing fish oil, pay more attention to whether the concentration of Omega-3 meets this standard.

3.      Overall compound ingredients of the supplement
Some might work well together with fish oil, such as Vitamin E,
which can help stabilize the composition of fish oil and is helpful for the preservation of fish oil. But somehow, it is not recommended to add too many ingredients to the fish oil supplement.

4.      Extracted from deep-sea small fish
With the modern pollution problems, choosing deep-sea small fish is a lot safer than those offshore fish, it is safer from heavy metals and plasticizers pollution that we surely don’t want to be contaminated with.

5.      Proven certification
It is recommended to choose products with legit inspection reports, such as the Healthy food certification in Taiwan, or SGS inspection.

  Is there any precaution?

If you are taking calcium supplementation and also fish oil, make sure at least there is 3 hours gap in between. Fatty acids may interact with calcium in an alkaline environment and reduce the absorption rate and may cause stomach discomfort.

  Q&ABHK's Deep Sea Fish Oil

Q: What is the advantage of taking BHK’s Deep Sea Fish Oil?
A: It is mainly to support heart health, brain function, and overall balanced metabolism.

Q: How to consume?
Take 2 soft gels at once, twice a day after meals.

Q: Is there any precaution?
1. If you are a pregnant, diabetic patient, or taking any medications like anticoagulants, aspirin, please consult a doctor before use.
2. Please note that this product contains fish and its component. Avoid if you are allergic to this.

Q: Is it suitable for pregnant women?

BHK’s Deep Sea Fish Oil contains EPA that is not a suitable ingredient to be taken during pregnancy, it is recommended to take BHK’s MaMa DHA Algae Oil softgel that is specifically formulated to accompany pregnancy to breastfeeding journey.


Q: When can I start the supplementation?
A: 12 and above.

Q: What is the source of BHK’s Deep Sea Fish Oil supplement?


A: The patented TG-type fish oil produced by KD pharmaceutical factory in Germany used small deep-sea fish species such as sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. With the purest fish oil extracted through exclusive and multinational patented supercritical fluid process.