UNIQMAN Damiana Enhance sensitivity Better intimacy experience Sensitivity Energy Stamina

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Is it true that Damiana increases sensation? What does it help in men? Does UNIQMAN Damiana really work? Here is all you need to know about UNIQMAN Damiana!

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Losing passion in your relationship? Exhausted under the stress of family & work? Have Damiana spice up your ordinary life, and regain your passion!

Compare to MACA or L-Arginine, Damiana is an effective male function supplement but is rarely known by people. You might question what is it, how it works & what’s the differences from other supplements! 1 minute for you to know Damiana’s strengths & effects!

Know Damiana

Damiana a.k.a the Turnera Diffussa, native to Mexico and Central & North America. American Indians used to consume it for physiological function. It helps improve sensation & gentle nerve stimulation that works on both man & woman. Long-term of consumption can regulate body & regain desire kick!

Comparison of Damiana with other Male Health products

Damiana: Enhance sensitivity, better intimacy experience

MACA: Energy booster, all-round body nourishment

L-Arginine: Enhance stamina, promote blood circulation for better erectile ability

Chelated Zinc: Male hormone enhancement, promotes sperm quality & quantity

Although they are all supplements for physiological function enhancement, but besides boosting energy, Damiana also promotes sensitivity!

Which product to consume with Damiana for synergizing effects?

Damiana contains L-Arginine, Chelated Zinc, Ginseng, and other compounds for multiple effects & nourishment; Recommend trying different functions of UNIQMAN products for an all-around experience (energy, stamina & pleasure sensation)!

Precautions on choosing Damiana product?

1.      Ingredient: Choose patented Turner’s Leaf/test certified Damiana to ensure safe & no side-effects.

2.      Additive Ingredients: Recommend to choose product with Damiana as main ingredient, more effective with other different functions product.