Hate to have complicated skin care routine? Having a harsh time on dealing with acne problems? Exclusive 「Dietary Acne Treatment」- UNIQMAN Lemon Verbena Capsules is all you need in 1 little bottle!,BHK's x UNIQMAN 新加坡官方网站 ︱ 台湾保健NO.1领导品牌

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Hate to have complicated skin care routine? Having a harsh time on dealing with acne problems? Exclusive 「Dietary Acne Treatment」- UNIQMAN Lemon Verbena Capsules is all you need in 1 little bottle!

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From puberty until we are all grownups, skin acne is always a never-ending work & it happens on all skin types. You can’t only blame with physique problem! Stress, sulrpy environment, imbalance hormone or even diet can make it happen… The best ways to radically cure acne are: Balance your body from the inside with appropriate cleansing & hydration on the outside! A stitch in time saves nines with UNIQMAN Lemon Verbena!


Men are easier to have oily face & higher chance to suffer acne than women!

Men have a genetically thicker derma layer that causes the face gets oily easier & low skin hydration. These are why acne happens on oil-water imbalance or malfunction of derma metabolism.

Sometimes cleansing the face with quick speed will neglect the gunk in detail that heaping them up on the skin; however, most people have the skin problem of excessive secretion of oil due to inappropriate cleansing or over-cleansing that can affect the balance of our skin.

Moreover, most men do not put on sunscreen; they usually expose their skin to strong UV. Heaty food lovers can also neglect to balance their diet with the temptation of deep-friend or grilled food, which will develop an oily skin physique that will make skin regulation harder.


Prevent acne happens with better life style!

Ø   Sufficient Sleep- At least 7-8 hours are preferable

Ø   Avoid Over Cleansing- Choose a gentle, moisturize & suitable skin type of cleanser

Ø   Enough Water Consumption- Adult is suggested to drink at least 1,500c.c of water to promote body metabolism

Ø   Do Not Pop The Pimples- To avoid dirt to contact to the pimple wound

Ø   Put On Sunscreen- Sun protection will avoid UV damage skin barrier

Ø   Avoid Oily & Stimulating Food- For example: grill food, deep-freid food, spices or alcohol

Ø   Avoid High Sugary Diet- For example: drinks, desserts, chocolate & etc.

Maintain a good lifestyle habit can also help to regulate skin condition. You can also have UNIQMAN Ance Treatment- Lemon Verbena Capsules for a better deep skin regulate from inside out!


Introducing you the main ingredient of UNIQMAN Acne Treatment- Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a herb in the 17 century that origin from Central & South America. The leaves have a refreshing lemon scent, that’s how its name from.

Lemon Verbena has various usages with several anti-oxidant characteristics. It is often to be used on basic hydration, soothes skin discomforts, regulate physique, balance oil-water & metabolism; which is a great ingredient for whole body regulation & oily-skin treatment.


3 Main Specialties of UNIQMAN Acne Treatment

Specialized dietary acne treatment for men to regulate body from inside out! No more acne problem!

1.  Natural Herb:「Patented Lemon Verbena

German Patented Lemon Verbena with patented features. High viability & great water solubility Lemon Verbena Extract from the specialized extraction process, the main active compound is Anox-1(Oligosaccharide acteoside), it has a high defensive ability.

2.  Care Specialists:「Vitamin A & B6

Vitamins are very important to skin health and are the basic nutrients to stay away from skin problems. An appropriate dosage of Vitamin A can improve the health of skin & mucosa; Vitamin B can promote the regular metabolism of amino acids.

3.  Deep Moisturization: Milk Phospholipide (Contains Ceramide)

Hydrationis mostly neglected in the cleanse supplement on the market. UNIQMAN added a German Ceramide, one of the compounds to help build a natural skin barrier. It can keep the skin lock in moisture, avoid dryness & protects skin from damage.


Skin care isn’t that hard right? One little capsule of UNIQMAN Lemon Verbena daily is all you need for skin care! UNIQMAN will be your best companion on having acne-free skin.