Does man needs to take collagen? Maintain your youthful skin to upgrade your attractiveness! Best 「Dietary Skin Care」for man! Exclusive 【UNIQMAN COLLAGEN】!,BHK's x UNIQMAN 新加坡官方网站 ︱ 台湾保健NO.1领导品牌

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Does man needs to take collagen? Maintain your youthful skin to upgrade your attractiveness! Best 「Dietary Skin Care」for man! Exclusive 【UNIQMAN COLLAGEN】!

  • 03 Aug, 2022
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People age in any gender. Women enjoy on studying skincare while most of the men have no interest on it, not until everything is too late. Talking about skin care, the first thought usually be Collagen! Collage will be losing slowly after the age of 25, what will that cause? Does man also losing collagen after that age & what does collagen helps? Here are your answers!


Looking older than actual age? That’s because you’re losing the collagen!

Rough skin, dry dehydrated skin & oily skin are the common skin problems you can find on men. You can hardly see men with basic skin protection (sunscreen & etc), that’s why some people looks 45 but they are only 30.

Besides appropriate facial cleansing, having extra care from Collagen Supply will also help! Lack of hydration is also commonly cause by the lost of collagen that is also often happens on men, that might make you look older than you’re the other half.


The importance of collagen to men!

Collagen is the important compound that supports the elasticity & maintains softness of the skin. You can say collagen is the steel frame of a house. Men & women will lose the collagen slowly by age, UV, environment factors & the slow function of human body.


How to replenish the lost collagen?

Most men have no daily skin care habits; don’t even mention putting on sunscreen. Besides that, air pollution will cause dirty substances to stick to the face easily, which worsens the skin condition.

People usually choose to replenish collagen from food rich in collagen, such as pig skin, chicken feet &, etc. But they mostly are high calories & the molecules of collagen in it are big (>3,000) which is very hard to absorb by the human body with limited effect, and eating them too much will cause burden to body too.

Many collagen supplements launched on the market these few years, especially oral collagen is very popular! Change skin condition with convenient dietary collagen without applying thick creams on the face. EASY, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT!


Why men should choose effective Dietary Collagen? 

Taking a small capsule for all-round collagen care is very suitable for people who do not like to apply skin care products on skin, and it is the most convenient way to replenish collagen!

1.  Small Molecule Collagen (Peptide)

After exclusive hydrolysis technology, small molecule (<2,000 d.a) that preserved biological activity which is good for human body absorption.

2.  Vitamin C As Synergize Compound

Choose collagen with additive ingredient, Vitamin C helps in anti-oxidant, form of collagen & maintain the tight arrangement of cell. It can synergize the effect with the collaboration of collagen!


3 Main Specialties of UNIQMAN Collagen

Specialized for men! Be a time-tested man, always stay attractive!

1.  France Patented Collagen & Vitamin C

Use France Collagen Peptide that has small molecules (<2,000D.a) for easy absorption to build firm & bouncy skin. It contains 50% amino acid (hydroxyproline+glycine+proline), the highest standard of raw material with Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant to promote the form of collagen.

(The differences of peptide & collagen is the size of molecule, regular collagen molecule size is big (500,000 D.a), hard to absorb by human body. UNIQMAN Collagen uses collagen peptide, which is a small collagen molecule (2,000 D.a) after hydrolysis for better absorption & effect!

2.  GPH Tripeptides

Special G-X-Y peptides, ultra-micro molecules(<500) contains high concentration of hydroproline to enhance the structure of collagen, maintain elasticity & firm skin from sagginess.

3.  Patented Hyaluronic Acid

Safe strain fermented according to pharmacopoeia from Europe & Japan. Stable quality with 95%Ultra-extracted hyaluronic acid, improve the skin hydration & smooth rough face.


These are how you do to slow down the speed of losing collagen!

ü   Balance diet with more greens & less meat

ü   Avoid having high calories, greasy & sweet food

ü   Drink more water

ü   Apply sunblock

ü   Maintain regular daily routine

ü   Take Vitamin C & E (Anti-oxidant)

ü   Quit bad habits

ü   Extra replenish of collagen