Are you familiar with Terrapin? What is Terrapin? How does it work? 1 minute to know all about Terrapin!,BHK's x UNIQMAN 新加坡官方网站 ︱ 台湾保健NO.1领导品牌

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Are you familiar with Terrapin? What is Terrapin? How does it work? 1 minute to know all about Terrapin!

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Softshell turtle is a common & popular health care food in the Chinese culture. The whole body can be eaten and rich in various nutrients improve kidney function to prevent premature ejaculation. There are two ways of eating for softshell turtle lovers, eat raw or cooked. However, several infections can be caused by eating the wrong species of softshell turtle.


Professions recommend taking extracted terrapin for rich nutrients supply of softshell turtle, which is appropriate & safe for body!


What is Terrapin? What are the nutrition values of it?

As mentioned above, softshell turtle is a precious ingredient in the Asia and it tastes great. It contains many nutrients such as gelatin, protein, iron, amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid & various of vitamins. These high value nutrients are the great food nourishment for all ages.

Terrapin is extracted & concentrated from the whole softshell turtle. There will be several manufacturing procedure: cleaning, aging, sterilizing, extracting & concentrating to preserve its nutrients; Terrapin are special with low calories, low cholesterol, low sodiumwhich is a light but nutritious for the elders.

Only Freeze-dried Technology & Low-temperature Extraction can fully preserve the nutrition!


What are the effects of consuming Terrapin? Does it help in premature ejaculation?

There are records in traditional Chinese medicine that shows softshell turtle can relieve fatigue, improve vitality & nourish the body, which will also naturally improves premature ejaculation

People mostly consume softshell turtles by their blood, but taking it raw is not the recommended way for nutrients supply. There are many bacterial & parasites in a raw softshell turtle, serious disease can be caused!


How to choose Terrapin supplements?

l   Certified/ Patented Ingredients: Legal & clearly labeled ingredients product; Cheap & unknown origin ingredients might cause opposite effects.

l   Additive Ingredients: Right ingredients with Terrapin for better synergizing male sexual effects.

l   Manufacture Process: Uses High Viability Freeze-dried Technology for complete nutrients.  


Specialties of UNIQMAN Terrapin Extract

1. Inspected & Transparent Source Of Softshell Turtle

Selected professional breeding softshell turtle from Taiwan, inspection reports tested no antibiotics & veterinary medicine. High persevered nutrients of 6X concentrated Terrapin extract.

2. Along With Additive For All-Round Body Enhancement

    i. Patented Cordyceps militaris

       Main active compound: cordycepin, cordycepic acid, cordyceps extracts and etc. Through solid state fermentation process to          improve the viability of mycelium, promotes metabolism & regulates body function.

   ii. Korean Ginseng Extract

       Origin from Korea, it can promote vitality & promotes blood circulation.

   iii. Zinc

        It’s a essential nutrients for man, 1 of the enzymes that help metabolism, enhance growth & fertility system.

3. Capsule

For easy carry & preservation, also avoid spices added in liquid form to suppress the softshell turtle fishy smell.